Snapshots vol.2

It's been a couple of great days around here. I am quite sure it had something to do with being my birthday and the lovely weekend getaway on the Romantic Road. I also got to work on some new pieces of jewelry, that I am really excited about and hope to show them to you soon. Until then, here are some snapshots from my last week that I hope you will enjoy.

There was some creative work involved.

There were some really pretty birthday postcards (Thank you darlings! I do collect them all)  

There was a new batch of fimo in soft colors.

There were many coffee breaks.

There was a castle visit on the Romantic Road.

... and many pretty houses

... and just as many lovely views.

And there was the perfect gift for the coffee lover and design enthusiast in me - the Chemex

There was the perfect cook book gift. Pretty and inspirational.



  1. Can't believe I blew it this year... Or maybe not, cause we are preparing a gift too, soon my precious soon
    La multi ani sanatosi si bucurosi, Sunshine!

    1. Lucky me!! Multumesc pentru gandurile bune! Hugses

  2. Lovely post and photos as always!
    La multi ani!