My favorite face mask

I love natural skin care. I feel like I have been using different natural solutions for my skin problems since forever. But it all started when I was in my teens and my mom introduced me to all kinds of ingredients, that previously I considered just food. The thing is, natural scrubs and face masks really help. Plus, being into all things handmade, one gets that curiosity and edge that comes with this passion - I wonder how is that made? Can I make it? Just let me get the ingredients and I'll get right on with it!

 This is one of my all time favorite face masks. It has all that is good - oats, yogurt and honey. 
Oats help sooth the skin, they are the superheros that help you fight redness and acne, while gently acting as a scrub. But, the really wondrous part is that it leaves the skin perfectly moisturized. 
Honey brings the antioxidants and the anti-bacterial agents into the mix. Leaves the skin clean, moisturized and glowing. Yeah, honey is the best!
Yogurt is rich in vitamins, has a lot of anti-bacterial properties, closes pores and helps tonic the skin.  

In order to prepare the mask, all you need to do is mix all the ingredients together. You can play around with the quantities; I used half a cup of oats (I grinded them before mixing the ingredients; you can also cook the oatmeal with a bit of water and then let it cool), 2 spoons honey and 2 spoons yogurt. These are generous quantities that I usually use for 2 masks. Let it sit for a few minutes, apply, relax for about 20 minutes and clean with lukewarm water. Lovely, right?

Store the remaining mask in a jar, in the fridge (for about a week), until the next pampering session. - Hugs, Anca

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  1. I love Weck jars! and I have to give this mask a try.