Hello 2014!

New year, new adventures, but the same resolutions. 2013 was such an amazing year, I got to experience so much, I met lovely people, learned quite a lot and I am so very grateful for all of this. I do hope 2014 will be just as great, but most of all, I aim to better myself, to learn more, create more and share more with friends and family. 

Even though it may be a little bit late, I wanted to share with you some of our Christmas decorations. I am very happy with our alternative for a Christmas tree - we used handmade decorations (some made by me, some made by Cinnamon&Cloves) and vintage wooden figurines, washi tape and some branches under the tree. It looks really great and festive and I must admit, it's quite the practical and environmental friendly choice. 

We traveled back home for the holidays, to spend some quality time with our dear friends and families. And, as you guessed, it was worth it. We had the most wonderful time - between traditional home cooked meals, decorating Christmas trees, the unmatched coziness of Home, homemade mulled wine, visiting friends and just having fun with our dear ones, it was a great holiday. Unfortunately, as always, we took very few pictures (maybe this should be a new year resolution - take more pictures!), but we did capture some beautiful sceneries from our travels - the frozen forest on our way to Brasov, and the hills and mountains on the way to my home town, Fagaras.

Let's enjoy 2014, dream bigger, be kinder with ourselves and others and be happy!


  1. You couldn't describe better the the way you feel back home at this time of the year.
    And btw, the Christmas decorations are very, very pretty!

  2. Oh cat de frumoase sunt decoratiunile tale!
    Si noi tot crengi am avut si da, tot decoratiuni handmade :))

    Hugs dear! :)

  3. Vai! scumpo, tu inca mai ai panglicile scrise de la cadourile primite la cununia civila???!!! Uite de-asta te consider asa un om special si cald...bine, plus multe alte calitati :D

  4. trebuia sa-mi fac si eu un bradut improvizat. anul asta n-am avut din cauza pisicii, dar tot am avut ocazia sa-l impodobesc pe cel de acasa. :) si fotografiile sunt foarte frumoase!

    imeowlife. ,Dixx