Packaging Chronicles: DIY Paper Gift Bag

Hello lovelies!

December is finally here! I almost can't believe it, just how fast time goes by. Anyway, I will not dwell on such things, but start getting crafty for the holidays. 
Somehow, it's always the same - as soon as December starts, I get such a craving for creating all kinds of wonderful stuff. So, here is me hoping I will get most of the projects on my to-make list done by the end of the year!

I'll begin with a very simple and useful tutorial - although I'm sure most of you know it by now, I'm just reminding you how fun it can be to make from scratch something that most of the times we take for granted. I just love making these paper bags and once with the paper and masking tape in hand I can hardly stop! :)

Here it's how it goes: you'll need decorative paper, masking tape, scissors and ribbon for the handles.
1.Cut the paper double the desired size of the bag and fold it in half, horizontally. Secure the margins with masking tape. 2. Fold in the base of your bag, just about as wide as you'd like the bottom of the bag to be. 3. Open the folded base and fold in the side of the base in a triangle shape. 4. Repeat for the other side. 5. Fold inward the base of the bag (as shown in the picture). 6. Repeat for the other side. 7. Secure it with masking tape. 8. For the handles I used matching ribbon and taped it with the masking tape inside the bag. Just make sure the handles aren't swirled. And that's about it! Really easy, right?

You can leave the bag as it is, especially if you are using really pretty paper or you can decorated with a custom design, with ribbons, paper flowers..the possibilities are endless!

Have fun creating personalized packaging for your dear ones!