Snapshots vol.3 : the holidays

Hello darlings and a happy magical new year to you!
I enjoyed so much the holidays this time, as we celebrated with coziness, good dear friends, good food and a lot of baked goods, thoughtful gifts from friends near and far, lovely mail and we even got snow!
It really was a time to cherish, be grateful and just take a break from everyday routine. A great start to a wonderful 2015!
Here are a just a few snapshots from our holiday.

Packaging Chronicles: last minute gift wrap

Hello darlings,

As you may already know, I love gift wrapping. I enjoy choosing the paper, although most of the time I end up using an old favorite - brown kraft paper - and then create different, simple, but lovely designs for each present we give. So, if you are like me, always looking for inspiration for wrapping gifts, here are my three last minute gift wrap proposals.

Packaging Chronicles: clay garland

Hi there!

I started working on some clay decorations for the holidays and in the process I came up with the idea of using stamped tiny clay decorations for gift wrapping. Well, as you may already know I'm obsessed with everything about gift wrapping and I'm always looking for ways to pretty-up gifts. 

Advent Calender

Hi there!

December is here, it's getting cold outside and oh boy, I'm in mood for Christmas. I guess it's all the pretty lights, the sweets, the Glühwein and the beautiful Christmas markets here in Munich that got to me. Well, that's not entirely true - I've always loved this time of year. 
Also, as it so happens, I'm on a crafting spree. Surely, that's no surprise, as I find that Christmas time is the time when everybody's curve of inspiration and craftiness is at its peek. So here I am, telling you all about my first diy proper advent calendar.

DIY Embroidery hoop display

I have been using these embroidery hoops to display my earrings for some time now - I had decorated them with lace (romantic and all). But, as it so often happens, I was in the mood for a change and this is why I am happy to share with you my new earrings display.

Romantic Road vol.2

The Romantic Road is a theme route through south Germany developed mainly for tourism marketing purposes sometime in the '50s. The route links some really lovely and picturesque towns and castles, so it's not hard to see its popularity.
We first started our journey through the Romantic Road two years ago, for my birthday. We started kind of in the middle, at Augsburg, and went up the map to Dinkelsbühl. This year we continued the journey and visited the next three lovely towns: Feuchtwangen, Schillingsfürst and Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Unfortunately we only stayed for a weekend, but it was a great one!

August Inspiration

Being back from our holiday back home in Romania, I cannot help but be in nesting mode. This translates in a lot of cooking, redecorating, trying out new projects for the home and everything domestic. Now I know, I know august is still summertime and I'm already in autumn mood. But the thing is, sometimes (especially when you live between two countries and different cultures) nesting and caring for the home is kind of like therapy. 

As far as inspiration for this month goes, we have the amazing pull-apart bread from A Beautiful Mess; open shelving inspiration for the kitchen (having a small kitchen it's the perfect kind of shelving); succulent table decoration that is simple but look so good; a cozy diy - the tassel blanket; the pavlova - the one by Call Me Cupcake looks just perfect and I will try to make it when feeling courageous; and concrete planters or maybe candle holders, haven't decided yet.

Wishing you a lovely August,

Snapshots vol.2

It's been a couple of great days around here. I am quite sure it had something to do with being my birthday and the lovely weekend getaway on the Romantic Road. I also got to work on some new pieces of jewelry, that I am really excited about and hope to show them to you soon. Until then, here are some snapshots from my last week that I hope you will enjoy.

Five reasons to love fruit crumble

I was planning on making a rhubarb pie, as inspired by Daria's recipe. As it happened I didn't find any rhubarb at the grocery store, but being strawberry season here in Germany and me being a huge fan of this (the most ever) delicious fruit, here I am enjoying the strawberry crumble I made yesterday and giving you five reasons why you should make your own strawberry (or any other fruit or combination of fruit) crumble.